Welcome to my world!

My name is Jon Hanson and I am a marketer, writer, husband,  lover of bad TV shows, hater of all things Kardashian, amateur lawn mower and an all around funny guy.  Or so my mom says.


I wrote a humor book called 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse. You can get it right now at Amazon or Smashwords.

I’m currently working on a book of short stories that should be out by the end of 2014. You’re going to want to buy it because it will be funny, and freaking awesome.  Don’t worry, you can trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you when we’re just starting to get to know each other.

In the meantime check out my Blog where I share rants, raves and the humorous things that seem to happen in my life on a semi-regular basis.

You can also check out my Gallery to see some of the photos I take when I get bored.  Or hungry.  So I guess if you see any pictures of food, you’ll know why.


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